DF 9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software



Installation and Start-up






The DF9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software (hereinafter referred to as “ DF9000 Configuration Software”) could be used for the parameter configuration of the various programmable TSI instruments


DF2000 Programmable TSI Instrument System;


DF3800 Programmable TSI Transmitter Series;


DF9000 Panel Mounting Programmable TSI Instrument Series



The parameters set during the delivery of all monitoring instruments are generally ex-factory commissioning parameters, which could not be directly used as the actual operating parameters (unless the user requires us to carry out special setting for actual use when placing an order). Therefore, it is necessary for the user to carry out parameter configuration to each passage by means of  DF9000 configuration software.



In addition to the measurement parameter configuration of monitoring instruments, the  DF9000 Configuration Software also could be used to observe the monitoring results and operating conditions of the whole measuring loop, including the transducers and monitoring instruments.


The DF 2900 configuration tools, which need to be ordered along with the programmable TSI monitoring instruments in DF series, include the following ones:



Serial Number

Order Code






DF9000 programmable TSI instrument configuration software CD-ROM optical disk





RS232 interface cable with a length of 3m or so (with a nine-hole D-connector and a DIN round six-pin socket)





Operation manual on DF9000 programmable TSI instrument configuration software




The DF9000 configuration software must be installed in portable computer or personal computer. The requirements of  DF9000 configuration software on hardware and software configuration of computer are shown as below:


☉ The operating system is Windows95/98/NT or their higher versions


☉ As for the processor, it is preferable to use CPU with a higher level than Pentium


☉ RS232 interface: Com1 or Com2


☉ Monitor of VGA640×480 or one with higher resolution


☉ An internal memory of 16 M to the minimum


☉ A CD-ROM driver with a speed more than 4


☉ Keyboard and mouse: Microsoft or compatible mode



The steps of configuration of the programmable TSI instrument in DF series by means of  DF9000 configuration software are listed as below:

        One or more projects could be created by means of the  DF9000 configuration software installed in the computer.


Note: the project, i.e. the project folder, is generally created in each corresponding unit with “.prj” as the suffix of the folder name. The folder includes all parameter configuration files used for the monitoring instruments of such unit.


Open or create the configuration parameter file of some monitoring instrument.


Note: the configuration parameter file of instrument is used to store the configuration parameter of each functional monitoring instrument with “.ini” as the filename extension.


Connect PC (or portable computer) to the monitoring instrument; set parameters for the communication interface; carry out on-line communications and set the configuration parameters of such monitoring instrument.


Transmit the parameters to the monitoring instrument in the form of “Configuration---Test” and the instrument operates with the new parameters;


Note: “Configuration---Test” will automatically bypass the alarms and hazardous relays;


Run the “Monitoring---Monitoring Display” function on line and observe whether the parameter setting is correct; if it is not correct, correct the errors and transmit the parameters again. Repeat the above steps until the parameter setting is correct.


After the parameter setting is correct, download the file of corresponding monitoring instrument parameter configuration and harden such file into the E2PROM memorizer of the monitoring instrument. The monitoring instrument operates according to the new set parameters.


Note: after the parameters are downloaded, the “Configuration---Test” must be executed again and the relay shall not be put into interlock operation until 60 seconds later. Without this step, all relays will be automatically cut off by the software and could not be put into operation.

Repeat the above 2-6 steps to set other monitoring instruments.


2. Software Installation


The DF 2900 configuration software installation is divided into two kinds:


    • Initial Installation

When installing this software into a computer which is not equipped with any version of  DF9000 configuration software, the user could install the software to any directory of the hardware;

    • Update Installation


When installing this software into a computer which is already equipped with  DF9000 configuration software of some version, the user shall set the destination directory of the software installation as the one to which the original software belongs. The computer will automatically overwrite and refresh the original software. The original project folders (<*.prj>) and instrument parameter configuration files (<*.ini>) will be reserved and could be used.


Note: the “Model Listfile of Eddy Current Transducer---dwlcgaqxhsetup.ini” in the original directory will be overwritten. Therefore, such file shall be backed up and reproduced after the update installation of the software is completed.


The only difference of the two installations lies in the different installation destination directories. See the following installation process instructions for details:


Insert the  DF9000 programmable TSI instrument configuration software CD into the CD-ROM driver.


Locate the disk directory by means of Windows Explorer or Browser: double click the SETUP.EXE file under the  DF9000SETUPXXXXXX to execute the installation program.

Automatic replication of installation files



The following window of File Replication pops up when installation begins:




The Installation Window as shown in Fig. 1-2 pops up on completion of file replication.

Click   rogram installation if the applications are not closed; carry out installation again according to the above steps after such applications are closed.



Click         to continue the installation if other applications are not opened and the Installation window as shown in Fig. 1-3 pops up.


Selection of Software Installation Folder



The default software installation folder is displayed in the window:


C: \Program Files\ DF9000 programmable TSI instrument configuration software


If the software is installed for the first time, the default software installation folder could be adopted directly; other software installation directories may also be adopted. Click           to enter into the Directory Change window as shown in Fig. 1-4. Input the Destination Directory directly in


☆If the software is subjected to update installation and the original software is installed in the default software installation folder, the installation could proceed immediately; or else, it is necessary to enter into the Directory Change Window; find the original software installation directory by changing the Driver (V) and Directory (D) and select such directory.



After the directory is changed, click   to confirm the completed directory change or click  to cancel the completed directory change and return to the Installation Window as shown in Fig. 1-3.



Click  to quit the installation.



If the software installation destination directory is determined, click the Installation button as show in the right figure to continue the program installation. The program to be installed will automatically check the disk space and will enter into the Program Group Window as shown in Fig. 1-5 with sufficient disk space (if any).

    Selection of Program Group  


In the window of Select Program Group, i.e. defining an application name for the program, it is acceptable to select a group name for the  DF9000 configuration software in the Existing Group (X) or directly input a new group name in the Program Group Box.


It is recommended to adopt the default program group name:


DF9000 programmable TSI instrument configuration software



Click             to continue the installation after the program group name is selected. Click             to quit the installation.


  Follow-up Selection


    • Subsequently, the installation program will carry out installation automatically according to the instructions in proper sequence, which is just like the way other Windows applications are installed.



When the instruction of completion of software installation appears, click              . The  DF9000 configuration software installation is accomplished.

Replication of Ex-factory Parameter File (Optional)


Under normal circumstances, the default parameters of the purchased instruments are attached to a CD. Under the directory of Ex-factory Parameter File, the required relevant parameter file could be reproduced in the project folder and could be used with the Read-Only removed.



3.Start-up of DF9000 Configuration Software


1)Click the Start/Program/ DF9000Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software in Windows 95 taskbar, the program is started and the following picture is displayed:

2)After the program is started, the dialogue box “Authorization to Use” as shown in Fig. 1-6 pops up and requires the user to input “User Number” and “Authorization Password”.


Each  DF9000 Configuration Software CD is only authorized to one legal enterprise user and can not be used illegally.


For the first start-up, both the “User Number” and “Authorization Password” are “DF”.

If the “User Number” and “Authorization Password” are correct, the interface of DF Instrument Series Select as shown in Fig. 1-7 will pop up after a successful program start-up.



Click the picture of instrument series for the required configuration, the corresponding DF instrument series configuration program will pop up. If the DF 2000 Programmable TSI Instrument System is selected, the software main interface as shown in Fig. 1-8 will pop up;


The caption of the software main interface is:  DF9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software---DF 2000 Programmable TSI Instrument Series Configuration


If the DF9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Series is selected, the caption of the software main interface is:  DF9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software---DF 9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Series Configuration



If the DF3800 Programmable TSI Transducer Series is selected, the caption of the software main interface is:  DF9000 Programmable TSI Instrument Configuration Software---DF 3800 Programmable TSI Transducer Series Configuration.

Fig.1-6 Authorization to Use


Fig.1-8 Main Interface of DF9000 Configuration Software